Submission Rules

How to submit an abstract

To submit and abstract you need a user account in the platform. The user's account created in previous editions 2018/2020 are valid for this edition. If you already have an account, you should access with your credentials previously defined. If you don't remember your password, do not create a new account. Please use the option "Forgot password" to reset it.

To create a new account, you should enter the congress website and LOGIN in the upper right corner.

- Select the option: "Create new account" and fill all the available fields with your personal data. A confirmation email will be sent to you to activate your new account - check your inbox and if you haven't received any email, please check the Junk, Garbage and SPAM box.

- Click on the link that was sent to you in that email to confirm your account.

- From this moment forward you can LOGIN using your data: email + password that was defined by you.

Note: Before submitting your abstract, carefully read the submission rules and also consult the available subject areas and sections

To submit your work:

- Enter your personal area of the website through the LOGIN with your email and password.

- On the left side menu select ABSTRACTS - and next the sub-menu Abstracts.

- Choose the option "add abstract" and fill in all of the fields required.

You can participate in three abstract maximum. But you can only submit as first author two abstracts (i.e. two abstract as individual author or even an abstract as individual author and another as first author with several co-authors. Or two abstract as first author of a collective work).

See the rules of submission in line 5, of the FAQ.

  • Abstract submission

    The abstract should be submitted by authors in the XII Congress website.

    During submission is mandatory to fill all of the following fields:

    1. Thematic Area/Section
    2. Type of presentation (oral communication or poster)
    3. Title
    4. Abstract (between 1750 to 2500 characters without spaces)
    5. Keywords
    6. If there more than one author indicate the order, names and institutional filiation and email addresses.
  • Languages and participations limit

    The abstracts can be submitted in Portuguese, Castilian (Spanish), English or French; You can participate in a maximum of three works, but can only submit two as first author (i.e. two abstract as individual author or even an abstract as individual author and another as first author with several co-authors. Or two abstract as first author of a collective work).

  • Abstract evaluation

    The results will be given in one of the following ways:

    1. Oral communication accepted in the ST/AT
    2. Poster communication accepted in the ST/AT
    3. Oral communication not accepted in the ST/AT
    4. Poster communication not accepted in the ST/AT
    5. Oral communication accepted with the condition of being a Poster in the same ST/AT

    It can also happen that a submitted abstract to a specific theme area be considered by the reviewers as being better suited in other Theme Area/Section and then it should be sent to that same area to be evaluated.

  • Registration and Payment

    To authors with oral communications/posters accepted, the payment of the registration should be made until January 31st. The oral communications or posters of authors that haven't payed for the registration until the date announced can not be included in the program. I you pay the registration, but for some reason can go to the congress, we can make a refund, but only if that request comes until the 6th of March 2023.

  • Poster presentation

    The online posters should be submitted in the congress platform until the 2nd of April 2023 in PDF format A1. The exposed posters (online) during the congress will be included in the minutes, in the poster gallery that is reserved for that purpose.

  • Full article

    To present the work in the congress it isn't needed the final article. After the congress there will be a new submission/review phase for the minutes of the XIII Portuguese Congress of Sociology and then the participants with presented works can submit the final article. The rules will be available in the website.

    After the congresso the minutes will be published in electronic format with DOI registration. The acceptance of the abstract and presentation of the communication does not guarantee the publication of the final article in the minutes. The submitted texts are submitted to a process of evaluation and selection by the coordinators os the areas/sections in collaboration with new coordinators that, in between, were elected in the electoral process for the Thematic Sections that will be after the congress. On the evaluation it will be used the base criteria used by the magazine of Sociology Online.

  • Thematic issue edition/ special od the magazine Sociologia On Line

    The coordinator of the theme sections/areas will be selection the besta articles to include in a thematic/special issue of the magazine SOCIOLOGIA ON LINE, if the authors agree.

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