Call | Territories: Cities an Countryside

Call for papers | Territories: Cities an Countryside


Carlos Fortuna [FE-UC ]

Luís Baptista [FCSH-UNL ]

Manuel Carlos Silva [UMinho ]

Territorial transformations, resulting from emerging social, economic and political dynamics appear associated with different modalities of social polarization. The whirlwind of change is affecting the urban world as well as the rural world in varying proportions, and both their present and the future continue to claim an urgent and critical sociological view.

Open to the internal debate, this Thematic Area reflects upon a huge variety of objects. So, we accept proposals for communication and posters on issues related to:

  • rural and urban territories: Which relationships between space and social structure? Which socio-spatial inequalities and polarizations? What constraints and opportunities for social action?
  • social actors: What classes, social groups, individuals and movements are involved in or resist social change and mentality renewal?
  • economy, policy and governance: What is the role of the state and municipalities? How is public space and democratic citizenship produced and what effects do they produce (if any)? Which social movements and which modalities of social participation? Is the multi-inter-culturality (or its absence) of the territories a factor of polarization?
  • politics and cultural action: contexts of cultural production and circulation. What associative fabrics? What expressions do urban events take on today?
  • can place valorization and intercity competition generate conflicts and polarizations? What about urban and rural tourism? And the festivalization of cities?
  • how are urban and rural heritage and urbanities articulated? What about memories, cultural worldviews, sociabilities and group identifications?
  • can the planning and management of territories generate conflicts or social cohesion? And the urban and inter-urban mobility? Or the housing process and the existing and non-existing social facilities?
  • can a non-polarized rural and urban relationship be reinvented?

We invite the sending of proposals abstracts of investigations located in academic and non-academic context in response to this call.

Posters and visual documents such as short films focused on projects or interventions will be accepted.

Proposals, should be formulated showing their theoretical framework, objectives, methodologies used, diagnosis, results and conclusions.

The rules and deadlines to consider for the submission of abstracts, as well as more information about the XII Portuguese Congress of Sociology, can be consulted on the APS website at

The Thematic Section's coordination will select the best communications to be proposed for publication in the journal SOCIOLOGIA ON LINE

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