Call | Sociology of Health and Illness

Call for papers | Sociology of Health and Illness


Amélia Augusto [UBI]

Joana Zózimo [SOCIUS-ISEG ]

David Tavares [ESTeSL-IPL; CIES-IUL]

The challenges of discussing the noticeable polarization in different social domains, while opposing multiple forms of simplifying complex social phenomena, have also reached the field of sociology of health.

Over two years after the beginning of the covid-19 pandemics, the themes many sociologists of health worked on for many decades were found amidst the public arena, creating new opportunities for debate, problematization and critical analysis, challenging our abilities to explain and equate health policies, prohibitions and autonomies, identities and facts, processes of persuasion or escaping, lay and professional beliefs on health, models of socially organizing health and illness, or the unequal distribution of resources and care. Specifically, the political agenda has been occupied, in an imperative and intangible way, by dilemmas between the public and private provision of care, the relevance of a National Health Service with a wide territorial implantation; the limits of individual agency and the consequences of collective action; racial, gender or age inequalities in health and illness; the importance of health goods’ supply chains; the virtualization and digitalization of intimate and professional relations; vaccines adherence or complying to diverse prescriptions.

Acknowledging the quality and diversity of the work produced in order to bring along insights on these questions, inside and outside the academy, the thematic section of Sociology of Health invites all those inspired by debating questions connected to health and illness to contribute to this years’ APS congress in varied formats: oral presentations, posters, or visual documents, based in research work, whether concluded or in progress; in exercises of theoretical or methodological reflection focused on specific themes; or in the context of professional or voluntary work undertaken in the health field.

Criteria for evaluating abstracts:

  • To be framed within a sociological perspective.
  • Theoretical and methodological rigour.
  • Problematization of the topics addressed.

The Thematic Section's coordination will select the best communications to be proposed for publication in the journal SOCIOLOGIA ON LINE.

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