Call | Environment and Society

Call for papers | Environment and Society


João Guerra (ICS-ULisboa)

Ana Horta (ICS-ULisboa)

Elisabete Melo Figueiredo (UAveiro)

Environmental challenges are often associated with crises and social divides and, in recent years, processes such as the transition to clean energy or responses to climate change have been, together with social and economic crisis contexts, a source of polarization and radicalization of discourses and actions. The theme of the XII Portuguese Congress of Sociology – “Polarized Societies? Challenges for Sociology” – is thus particularly relevant to the study of interactions between environment and society. While polarization may contribute to the recognition of problems by some groups, it also makes it difficult for different parties to debate. In the sessions of the Environment and Society Section, we intend to explore this theme in relation to social practices, perceptions and discourses, participation in collective movements, vulnerabilities, inequalities and injustices, but also other relevant topics, not only in the context of pure research, but also of applied research or action research carried out outside academia.

Indeed, we strongly encourage the participation of colleagues who develop their professional activity outside the academy, carrying out research that is often not made known to the wider sociological community, but which can greatly benefit it. We welcome proposals for oral communication, as well as posters, videos and other formats, either from sociologists or other researchers who deal with the relationship between environment and society.

Presentations may focus on one of the following topics or others.

A. Adaptation to climate change

B. Climate change and international governance

C. Environmental education

D. Forest fires, population and territory

E. Water, drought and pollution

F. Ocean, coast and sustainability

G. Exploitation of natural resources

H. Energy transition

I. Technological innovation and environment

J. Consumption and changes in social practices

K. Social values and perceptions

L. Environmental Justice

M. Environment and health

N. Energy poverty and food poverty

O. Transport and urban planning

P. Cities and environmental strategies

Q. Food and sustainability

R. Animals and society

S. Protected areas, nature conservation and biodiversity

T. Waste and recycling

U. Discourses and images about environment and sustainability

V. Risk and ecological degradation

W. The environment in a context of multiple crises

Proposals must be submitted through the congress website until November 7, 2022. When reviewing abstracts, the nature of the research (pure, applied or action research) will be taken into account and, accordingly, the objectives, methodology, results and the overall quality of the proposal.

The XII Congress will be held in person from April 4th to 6th at the University of Coimbra. In addition to the face-to-face sessions, there is the possibility of organizing exclusively online sessions on the 3rd or 7th of April. When submitting communication proposals, authors must indicate whether they intend to participate in person or online.

All authors will be invited to send the full text of their communication for publication in the Congress Proceedings. The best ones will be selected for submission to the journal SOCIOLOGIA ON LINE.

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