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Maria da Graça David de Morais (UÉvora)Raquel Rego (ICS-Lisboa)

Gilberta Rocha (UAçores)

Alice Matos (UMinho)

The polarisation of today's societies affects certain population groups in a unique way, such as older people, children, young people, women or migrants. Changes concern their number and ways of life, but also the understanding of them. In this sense, discriminatory, xenophobic and nationalistic ideals are increasingly visible due to the action of new media and the digitalisation of societies, in particular.

Although the issue of demographic ageing, fundamentally due to the decline in fertility, is following a path that began a few decades ago, the increase in social inequalities and more recent phenomena such as wars, pandemics or climate change are increasingly affecting specific populations and population groups, also accentuating their levels of mortality and morbidity.

Inequalities, namely between young and old, men and women, employed and unemployed, more and less qualified people, urban and rural populations, nationals and foreigners, have increased the different positioning of the various social and population groups in the context of growing and rapid changes in society, with clear implications for their sense of belonging and identity.

The living conditions of these groups in an increasingly polarised world pose new challenges to Sociology and this Thematic Area, calling for a profound reflection on the population structures in the present and those that can be foreseen in the near or even more distant future.

The coordinating team of the APS Thematic Area Population Dynamics, Generations and Ageing invites researchers and professionals, particularly those who carry out applied research or action-research projects as part of their activity, to submit proposals for oral communications, posters and visual documents (e.g. short films or short films).

The submissions should express these types of reflections and allow an understanding of the current population and generational dynamics and their contribution to the scientific knowledge of populations and the rationale of the respective Social Policies.

The rules and deadlines to consider for the submission of abstracts, as well as more information about the XI Portuguese Congress of Sociology, can be consulted on the APS website at

The Thematic Section's coordination will select the best communications to be proposed for publication in the journal SOCIOLOGIA ON LINE

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