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Call for papers |Sociology of Consumption


Sandra Lima Coelho (Católica Porto Business School / IS-FLUP / UBI)

Hernâni Veloso Neto (I.P. Gestão e Tecnologia / IS-FLUP)

Catarina Sales Oliveira (UBI)

The simplification of complex social phenomena has led to a widespread debate on the growing polarisation of contemporary societies. Marking the trends of social transformations that we are witnessing, polarisation has taken over intellectual debate and commercial, political and ideological agendas. A sociological look at these issues is fundamental to analyse and address the growing fragmentation of society around issues that are crucial to the collective future of humanity. What challenges arise, within this framework, regarding consumption practices? Although consumerism remains as a central phenomenon of contemporary society, consumption and its ramifications have been experiencing new formulations, be they alternative (sustainable fashion, sustainable mobility, artisanal production) or digital transformations (social networks, e-commerce, click bait).

In the confluence of the Thematic Section of Sociology of Consumption with the general theme of the XII Portuguese Congress of Sociology, the study of consumption practices in societies appears central, as an essential producer of differences and polarisation. Thus, the Thematic Section of Sociology of Consumption invites participants to the XII Portuguese Sociological Congress to present abstracts on the various possible approaches to consumption. Besides academic and scientific contributions on the theme, this Thematic Section encourages and welcomes the participation of approaches more directed towards professional experiences related to consumption.

Thus, the Thematic Section of Sociology of Consumption calls for the submission of paper proposals that may give a relevant contribution to the discussion of the following thopics:

  • Collaborative consumption and sharing economy
  • Consumption and Body
  • Consumer practices
  • Ethical consumption
  • Conscious and critical consumption
  • Buycotting and political consumption
  • Consumerism and food
  • Consumerism and gender
  • Intergenerational relations and consumer cultures (children, young people, adults and senior citizens)
  • Markets and Consumption
  • Money and Consumption
  • Urban consumption spaces
  • Rural and/or rural consumption
  • Sustainable consumption and sustainable consumers
  • Theories on consumption and consumers
  • Consumption, Animals and Nature
  • Consumerism, transport, and mobility
  • Fashion and clothing
  • Digital Consumption
  • E-commerce and new actors (social networks, influencers, youtubers...)
  • Advertising and consumption: languages and representations
  • New trends and dynamics in audiovisual consumption (Netflix, HBO...)

Thus, we invite all sociologists, researchers, and related professionals to submit paper proposals to be presented and discussed during the congress.

Proposals will be accepted for presentation of research papers in academic and non-academic contexts, and proposals in one of the following formats will be eligible: (i) oral presentation; (ii) poster presentation; or (iii) presentation of visual documents such as short films or short films focused on projects or interventions.

All proposals to be submitted must have a framing abstract, which may have a maximum of 300 words. Notwithstanding the differences between academic and non-academic contexts, abstracts should be prepared considering objectives, theoretical contextualisation, methodological approach, and conclusions/main results.

Each proposal should consider the following elements: (i) title; (ii) paper format; (iii) abstract up to 300 words; (iv) keywords (up to five).

The rules and deadlines to consider for the submission of abstracts, as well as more information about the XII Portuguese Congress of Sociology, can be consulted on the APS website at

The Thematic Section's coordination will select the best communications to be proposed for publication in the journal SOCIOLOGIA ON LINE.

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