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Call for papers | Sociology of Childhood


Catarina Tomás [Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa and CICS.NOVA.FCSH NOV]

Gabriela Trevisan [ProChild COLAB]

The theme of the XII Portuguese Congress of Sociology - "Polarized Societies? Challenges for Sociology" has profound implications for the topics researched in Sociology of Childhood. Since its foundation, Sociology of Childhood has provided a space for reflection on childhood and children, from critical models that convoke different actors and perspectives for an understanding of their action. The existing polarisations in contemporary societies find different impacts in the way we see children and their actions in different life contexts.

As explained in the call for papers of the congress, the challenges that the different polarizations bring to Sociology extend to central domains of social processes and action, crossing, among others, childhood. In this context, the authors are invited to question these polarizations, their accentuation and the implications that they currently have for childhood as a category and children as actors.

Papers may focus on one of the following or other topics.

- Children's experience of the pandemic COVID 19

- Childhood and persistent inequalities

- Interactions and dynamics between children and families

- Children's participation in organisations, cultures and social practices

- Children's relationships with older age groups and non-humans in times of stress, change and uncertainty

- Childhood, mobility’s and migration

- Childhood and educational contexts

- Intervention projects with children

The coordination of the Thematic Section of Sociology of Childhood invites all interested persons, from academic and non-academic context, to submit abstracts via the Congress platform.

Posters and visual documents such as short films or short films focusing on projects or interventions will be accepted. These proposals, notwithstanding the differences between academic and non-academic contexts, must be formulated considering the following criteria for the evaluation of the abstracts: theoretical framework, objectives (general and specific), diagnosis of the intervention context, methodology, results, conclusions, innovation (mandatory in the case of applied research), and monitoring (mandatory in the case of applied research).

The TS may then select the best paper(s) to be proposed for publication in the journal SOCIOLOGIA ON LINE.

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