Call | Cultural Diversities and Spaces of Intervention

Call for papers | Cultural Diversities and Spaces of Intervention


Olga Magano ( Uaberta, CIES-IUL, ISCTE-IUL )

Maria Manuela Mendes ( ISCSP-UL, CIES-IUL, ISCTE-IUL )

Social changes and challenges in times of uncertainty and extremism: diversities and spaces for intervention

The pandemic situation due to Covid-19, experienced since March 2020, in Portugal and in the rest of the world, has led to several successive confinements of families, causing strong transversal impacts on children, young people, adults and also among the elderly. It is relatively early to know in depth the real dimension of these impacts, but what we already know is that the pandemic situation unequivocally revealed and reinforced the inequalities between the various social groups, whether in economic terms or in terms of access to housing comfort resources to ensure the various activities of family members, such as school activities, professional activities, etc. but also the (im)possibility of continuing to guarantee means of survival. It should be remembered that during the pandemic, some people and social groups with diverse national and cultural origins were systematically accused of being “spreaders” of the virus, which was used as a means of political populism by some representatives of parties (far-right and from the center), even requiring special measures of confinement and obstruction of access to social contacts and spaces outside their residential spaces for some population groups.

More recently, the worsening of climate change, the escalation of the armed conflict in the European context and the prospect of returning to a serious economic recession is generating more divisions, fractures and polarizations at the local, national and international scale. In this context of uncertainty, extremisms are gaining more space, not to mention the role of extreme right parties and populism in Europe and Portugal, which generates concerns and added challenges to reflection, imagination and sociological action.

This call for communications for this ST is intended, on the one hand, to bring together contributions on the social changes and challenges that arise in times of uncertainty, political extremism and the worsening of structural social inequalities and, on the other hand, to bring together experiences from intervention projects in territorial spaces marked by segregation, stigmatization and cultural differences and that can allow for perspectives of analysis and social proposals, which demobilize forms of polarization and spatial and cultural cantonments

It is in this context that we invite all sociologists, researchers and professionals to submit abstracts via the Congress platform. The modalities of participation are as follows: oral communications, posters, visual documents (for example, short films or short films more focused on projects, interventions, etc.).

The criteria that will be privileged in the evaluation of abstracts are the following:

a) For the academic context (basic/pure or applied research)

  • Goals
  • Theoretical framework
  • Methodology
  • Results (theoretical / theoretical-practical)
  • Conclusions

b) Outside the academic context (applied research, action research)

  • Goals
  • Diagnosis of the intervention context
  • Methodology (even if summary)
  • Results (theoretical-practical / practical)
  • Conclusions/Assessment (project evaluation, trend analysis, etc.).

TS will then be able to select the best communications to be proposed for publication in the SOCIOLOGIA ON LINE journal.

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